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Do not lie to your clients or make promises that you cannot keep. Be honest and authentic – this is a surefire way to ensure your event plan wins them over. To make things easier, we have put together some info on what we are looking for and what a guest post should include. So, if you’re thinking of submitting something for our blog, please check out our guidelines before hitting the send button on that email. With Bonsai, you can streamline and automate all of the boring back-office tasks that come with being a freelancer. From creating proposals that clients can’t say no to, to sealing the deal with a professional contract – Bonsai will revolutionize the way you do business as a freelancer.

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This clearly implicates all the important aspects of event management. Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. We offer a free basic website scan and a variety of PRO memberships starting at just $29.99 a month.

The beginning of the article is really what’s going to make people decide to continue to read or not. We will review all submissions and if your article is a good fit for our publication, we will get back to you within 2 business days. We rarely take longer than that to respond, but if we do, please forgive us — we’re just having a hectic week. The best articles are not time-sensitive, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Email at link to your Medium draft or published article with a one-sentence description. We don’t accept articles in other formats or through other channels.

This is problematic for the court, as there’s no unbiased way to conclude the case; often, this will result in the case being disregarded. Moreover, it can be difficult to outline contract defects if it’s not in writing. Most business professionals are wary of entering into contracts orally because they can difficult to enforce in the face of the law. The main differences between written and oral contracts are that the former is signed and documented, whereas the latter is solely attributed to verbal communication. Formal contracts, like those between an employee and an employer, are typically written down. However, some professional transactions take place based on verbally agreed terms.