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How to write for us?

We don’t include citations, though we do encourage our writers to mention the journal in which a study was published and/or the study’s author, ideally linking to the abstract of that study. In our series Greater Good Chronicles, writers share stories of trying to apply the science of a meaningful life to their daily lives. Ideally, these pieces take the reader along your journey with you, using specific moments and examples to illustrate how you came to grow in or gain insight about a specific key to well-being. Although you may include occasional links to research, the piece mainly highlights your story and draws out lessons that others can learn from it. All pieces should be scientifically grounded and include credible references and supporting data where appropriate to support any claims; please use APA format when citing sources. Greater Good typically does not accept unsolicited submissions, and we rarely accept freelance pitches.

You may also write the stories of award winning scientists who have inspired you. Will review your submission and get back to you if it is something that we are interested in publishing. If your submission is approved, you will likely hear from us within a few days.

If you are interested in this partnership, please fill in the form below with a pitch about your potential draft and why it will benefit/interest our readers. You may choose to include some background on yourself. Each submission should be no longer than 200 words. We will do our best to get back to you within five business days. We are not yet posting advertisements for jobs . This is not to say we aren’t considering doing this, but like everything else, there’s complexity in the implementation.

How to write Resume, Essay or anything that can develop the personality of others. We accept only ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, AND UNPUBLISHED content. Therefore DO NOT SUBMIT COPIED CONTENT OR ALREADY PUBLISHED CONTENT. You have experience with Google Docs & Google Scholar (or you’re willing to learn). You have a BA in psychology, counseling, or other psychology-related degree plus one or more years of experience in psychology research . We have pitch deadlines in summer and December of each year.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Be specific about what you plan to do and let your personality come through in your writing style. We like to see queries that are well thought-out and compelling, but if you have a more vague idea you can send that in as well. Since 2017, we have provided essential articles, updates and knowledge to students, science enthusiasts and researchers on the science field. We all are busy and I’ll reply your guest posting request as soon as possible with a Yes or No.

In short, I’m targeting to give you a proper idea about what I’m accepting and so called guidelines. If you ever want to guest post on this blog, then it is always a good thing to check this page before even thinking about it. If you wish to attach any image/illustration to your article, ensure that it is either an open source image or an image created/taken by you.

These materials will not be used in any other way, or reprinted elsewhere, without the express permission of the author. If you have written about something that you’ve mentioned in the guest post, you can link your post in such cases up to 2 links. I recommend you to link 3-4 relevant posts from Smart Science Pro too. To get a sense of who and and what we’re looking for, check out our blog and our author guidelines.

Finally, DSC will focus more on the implications of data transformations on businesses, government, manufacturing, society and the individuals within it. If you are not already a member of DSC, set up an account on Data Science Central or one of its related accounts (we’re working on single sign-on, but we’re not quite there yet). We will post the article with your name and profile and if photo is provided then with your photo.