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  • Mckinsey Practices Underneath Fire

    At a separate Senate hearing Tuesday, the top of FDA’s drug center director told lawmakers McKinsey’s work was about “organizational design and didn’t entail involvement in product regulation.” The agency presently has no contracts with McKinsey, she noted. Sternfels told the committee that McKinsey’s FDA contracts centered on “organizational support,” and did not pertain to […]

  • Defects In Clothes, Sewing Defects, Colour Results, Sizing Defects

    His technique is one of retreat and withdrawal; he is principally passive. He can preserve Bleak House, even construct a replica of it, but he can not create a new order. Esther has a lot in common with Dickens’s other “orphan” heroes. Like Oliver Twist, she bears a reputation that does not indicate her parentage, […]