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What is Cloud Computing? Definition, Examples, & Uses

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At Devrims official blog, we cover all relevant Cloud Industry news, insights, App tutorials, tips, and useful resources for our users & readers. Devrims is an Aggregator of the Website Hosting Solutions with an advanced Managed Cloud Hosting Platform where users can host their websites on their Own Terms. Build5Nines is your trusted source for cloud and enterprise technology information and all the tutorials, articles and videos are focused on helping you to be more productive with it. The blog provides cloud to cloud backup solutions for Office 365, G Suite, Sharepoint, Box. TechRepublic provides IT professionals with a unique blend of original content, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders.

This vast blog discusses the products, customers, and technical features of Google’s cloud solution, while articles can range from product blurbs to extremely detailed technical explanations. A selection of various technology clients for whom I have written posts and created content marketing in the world of tech. Three articles for ITProPortal about understanding cloud storage and how to find a good provider.

After submitting your guest post, you give us the right to edit the content. However, if the post isn’t published on our blog, you can share it elsewhere. Cloud Computing is a general term used to refer to the delivery of on-demand resources and services over the Internet. It refers to the storage and access to data via the internet rather than via the hard disk of a computer.

This section of the FileWhopper Blog contains articles with reviews and fresh news on cloud storage services. FileWhopper is an online service that lets users quickly and safely transfer large files and folders over the internet. Articles to learn about cloud computing, VPS tips & tricks, Linux apps, and OS distros.