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Once we publish your article, we will share it on all of our social channels, and we encourage you to share it on your social channels as well. We encourage you to submit again in the future if this happens. And once you’ve submitted the post, and it’s approved by the team, all you need is to do is wait.

Grammatically correct, and with no spelling mistakes. Proofread it 10 times at least before submitting it. Must submit with a word summary of your article.

” Our audience loves to read what’s new in the world of technology and social media. ” Our readers come to our website to seek the latest news about certain apps, gadgets and devices. They also visit our site to find answers to their social media woes.

Regardless, we will be happy to hear your ideas about social media and related topics. We’ll promote your article through our social media accounts. Interlinking can also help improve your blog post’s SEO by boosting its link popularity. In addition, interlinking can help existing visitors navigate your blog post page easily.

What we need from you is to provide our readers a fresh perspective on breaking news, developing IT trends and what’s going on in social media. Articles with over-optimized anchors, promotional links, or inappropriate links to pages that don’t feature informative content have a high tendency of being rejected. Our blog delivers accurate information, announcements, digital world updates.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Make sure your topic is related to social media marketing. We get a lot of guest proposals, but limit how much we publish and hold a pretty high standard for the content we publish. We are not here to just farm out articles, but rather provide legitimate value to our readers. We also understand publishing may be part of building your brand or your marketing strategy, and we respect that.

Rather than accept guest submissions, we like to form positive working relationships with freelance writers. We love steady content for solid, smart, and social media-savvy writers, and we can provide consistent content ideas for you to cover. We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about social media and online marketing.