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We’re looking for advanced and in-depth proven experts in the field who can teach us a thing or two. We practice digital marketing every day and we still want to learn from you. We pay writers once per month for the preceding month’s published articles. Articles that don’t meet our editorial guidelines of retail-focused, high quality, exclusive, original content will be rejected without pay. Please note that our illustrator will design a featured image for all guest posts so there’s no need to submit one.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

This rule eliminates the creation of fluff posts with the sole intention of promoting another site. Before submitting articles, please read our guest writing guidelines below carefully. Articles submitted must meet all of these requirements to be approved. We want to publish content that adds value to our readers. Only send us a pitch if you have quality information to convey.

You can include screenshots, images, graphics, and please center it / 500 px wide. The guest post should be detailed and informative. Do not copy paste from sites as you will lose credibility if you do so.

We reserve the right to edit your articles for editorial reasons, including modifying images, grammar, spelling, and style. Sub-Headings – Please split up your content with relevant sub-headings to make the logic flow easier for readers to follow. We welcome writers to contribute high-quality content to Magestore Website.

Always cite your sources, whether you employ the content directly or indirectly . We analyze all articles for plagiarism and can reject copied content. Feel free to share any graphics, chart,s and images. If you don’t have one, we are happy to suggest one for you. If you have any request regarding sponsored posts or product/app reviews, Contact us.

If you’re a marketer looking to market a client, please don’t contact us, we’ll not entertain such requests. If you’re planning to be our guest, we’d love to host you. However, please don’t forget to read below guidelines before submission. However, please don’t forget to read the below guidelines before submission. Authors may not link to their blogs in the articles. If you’re referencing news or articles from other bloggers, you must attribute your sources, but we will not allow links back to your blogs.