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Make sure your article comes with a unique working title. Remember, the title is the first thing that catches the readers eye. Be creative but also keep in mind that you want your title to be inviting. All titles are reviewed in the publishing process. So if we think there is a better or more captivating title, we will change it.

To pitch, please include a summary, working title, approx. Length, and any relevant information about yourself such as links to your blog or other published work. Follow us on social media as well as we occasionally post looking for guest writers on specific topics. It is said that the amount of success you gain is equal to how much you share with others.

Your content should be very easy to read, clear and made for a 9th grader to easily understand. As a contributor, you will get a profile on ZoneofGenius.com, we’ll amplify you and your brand across our email and social channels and overall feature you as a ZoneofGenius.com contributor. We’re looking for practical insights to help people live their best life. Links must be relevant and link to high quality sites.

Kaitlyn — Thank you for your interest in blogging for Believe and Create. If you want to contribute as a guest blogger, simply follow the directions outlined on this page. Thank you for your interest in Believe and Create. Many of our contributors leverage their exposure on Goalcast to promote their personal brand and work, provided it is both relevant to our mission and done transparently.


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First and foremost, please make sure you have read and understood our guidelines before submitting. If you don’t submit your article in the way that we have requested from the information above and below, we will ask you to resubmit it or we will simply turn the article down. Following our guidelines and submitting your article in the way we have requested, saves our editors and our contributors valuable time.

We are looking for bloggers/authors who are passionate about their subject and have something to share with the world. And at the heart of every one of us to some degree or another. Please do CONTACT US. ZoneofGenius.com is all about helping small business owners live life fulfilled.

A bit of history, this website was founded in 1996, under another URL, but shortly after starting it was rebranded under GetMotivation.com. In short, your guest post will appear on one of the original personal development communities online. We like our articles to be informative, interesting, and upbeat. We want to help our readers feel motivated, and inspired to take action on their goals and aspirations.

Impress them with your insights and they’re likely to swarm your site as well. Personal goals can include more than just professional development at work. What are you looking to focus on overall, whether in your career or in your personal life? For example, you might want a change in your personal circumstances , or you might feel that your job isn’t delivering the values you believe in. You may include a complimentary link to your website in your bio with both free guest posts and promoted posts.