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Those with healthcare related professions including healthcare recruiters, healthcare education professionals, and medical sales professionals are also encouraged. No plagiarism – Your article must be written in your own words and cannot be posted on other websites, blogs, etc. prior to posting on allnurses. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission within a week.

Now you can narrow your journal choices to those that are a good match for your topic and intended audience. You can expect immediate rejection if your manuscript doesn’t match a journal’s purpose and readership. Read at least three to four issues, and explore the table of contents for similar articles related to your topic.

Through long-term monitoring of patients’ behavior and knowledge-based expertise, nurses are best placed to take an all-encompassing view of a patient’s wellbeing. Nursing can be described as both an art and a science; a heart and a mind. At its heart, lies a fundamental respect for human dignity and an intuition for a patient’s needs. This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning. Due to the vast range of specialisms and complex skills in the nursing profession, each nurse will have specific strengths, passions, and expertise.

Writing involves hard work, but it’s rewarding and a great way to build your credentials. Follow the journal’s article submission guidelines. Some journals request submission through an author portal that requires you to create an author account, while others prefer to receive submissions via email. Most journals require that you attach a cover letter, sign copyright release and conflict-of-interest forms, and submit information about all authors.

She has developed online courses to help nursing students graduate. Submitted blog entries will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt. If the entry meets all submission guidelines outlined in our Nursing CE Central’s writer’s guide, the article will subsequently be published and the author will be paid.

ReferencesA complete reference list of books, journals, etc. must be provided using APA style. Generally, references should be no more than five years old. Do not use footnotes.ExaminationThe exam must be in a separate file. Keep the number of test questions between 7 and 10 multiple choice and true/false questions per contact hour.


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