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The traffic is then encrypted again by the VPN server and is sent back to you. Your data is then sent to the internet and receives a reply that’s meant for you, the user. The encrypted data from your computer is decrypted by the VPN server. But what is a VPN, and how exactly does it protect you and keep your activity anonymous?

Alternatively, there are some free VPN providers that offer a secure VPN connection with a few limitations such as restricted features, speed caps, and data limits. Just like with paid VPNs, you need to go to their website and sign up for an account to begin using the service. VPN connections use an encrypted tunnel to transmit your data. These secure tunnels are created through VPN protocols that ensure a safe and secure connection. A VPN protocol is like a set of rules or instructions that determine how your data is routed between your device and the VPN server. Moreover, you can reach a new level of internet freedom by using servers across different countries to unblock restricted content.

While many of us may first try a VPN on a company-loaned laptop, many VPN services also protect other smart devices such as your phones, tablets and desktop computers. However, they have proven to be more susceptible to breaches. Users are also advised to choose a reputable extension, as data harvesters may attempt to use fake VPN extensions.

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This happens withstreaming servicesthat only have broadcasting rights in certain countries and not in others. While a VPN is a great tool to help separate your location from your data, it doesn’t obscure everything about you. If you take a Facebook quiz or like a post on Instagram, the app you are using while connected to the VPN is still able to use your behavior to tailor in-app ads and content.

Additionally, you should be especially cautious about free VPNs. These are notorious for compromising your security and selling your data to third parties, which can be even worse than not using a VPN at all. There are many different parties that are interested in your internet traffic, among them are governments and cybercriminals. The VPN client on your device will decrypt the data so you can actually understand and use it. CyberGhost uses the ChaCha20 cipher with WireGuard, which is just as secure as AES-256. Finding a VPN that has all the bells and whistles — as well as a server in Nigeria — can take you a while.

If you’re looking for a good VPN to use in China, we’ve got an article written about exactly that topic. NordVPN, for example, is quite cheap and has obfuscated servers that can help you get around China’s firewall. Some VPNs seem to do that, which turns out to be a problem for some VPN users. A solution might be to use the VPN’s “whitelister” or “split-tunneling” function. This allows you to select which sites or apps you want to open through the VPN, and which ones you want to open with your regular connection. ExpressVPN’s response to this situation made people skeptical of its privacy practices.