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A WordPress map showing usage across the globe.With so much content being produced, Google doesn’t have time to deal with pages that don’t meet all their requirements. To be 100% sure and have full control over the content you submit to Google News, you’d need to implement a Google News sitemap. Kinsta’s XML sitemapUnfortunately, Google News sitemaps are not the same as “standard” Google Search sitemaps so you’d need to create a new one if you want to submit your site to Google News. Next, you’ll be able to add an RSS feed to your publication, add a custom logo, and even set up Google ads if you’d like to monetize your content. In part because of this new technology, Google no longer requires you to submit your site to Google News.


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Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. This is what helps to make us different from others. If you have such an idea or story to tell just bring your typing keyboard and write for us. Find a blog that suits you and submit your article with a link or order your link to be placed on an existing page. We hope these tips help publishers succeed in Google News over the coming year.

Under “View access,” select the access level to define who can find each section. To learn more about access groups, go to Manage your users’ access. Please include your article or review title at the beginning of your Google Doc file. We reserve the right to remove anything we publish and will expect any writers we publish to uphold the same ethics and community standards we’velaid out. If you’d like to write for us either by reviewing games, movies, tv shows, gear & tech or crafting an original feature, please get in touch with us , , , or [teach & gear] in your subject line.

Go through the Blog’s homepage and check out some pages tounderstand the type of content we publish here. Although you could just wait for Google News to pick your site, it’s never a bad idea to smooth the process by submitting a properly-created Google News sitemap. You don’t have to have a sitemap for Google News but your chances of getting your content crawled faster and better are much higher when you provide one.

Make sure to connect with the blog owners on social media sites. Almost all of the bloggers use social media sites extensively as they’ll have to connect with their audience. So they are always open to discussions, you’ll get benefits if you connect with them regularly. It gives you access to the most up-to-date list of guest posting sites.

The Explosion Network is a personality-driven website looking for freelance writers to share their knowledgeable and passionate ideas and critical opinions with our continually growing audience. We cover video games, tabletop games, movies, television shows, tech and gadgets, and our primary focus is on all things pop culture. Great list of blogs you have listed here and awesome tips that you have written.

And it is a serious violation of our policy which can lead to permanent deactivation and banning of your account. You can build partnerships with influential companies, join privileged niche communities, and learn from others’ experiences, share knowledge and resources. Publishers that allow others to republish content can help ensure that their original versions perform better in Google News by asking those republishing to blockor make use of canonical. We permit one hyperlink withinside the center of the object body. The duration of the object has to be 900 words, you could additionally ship infographics pictures to make your publish catchy. We are a rapidly growing Google News Publisher website having 100k+ users per month from mostly Google Search, Google News, as well as Google Discover.

Guest posting is a method of creating content for other blogs where you write an article and post it on someone else’s blog or website with your author bio . They charge a nominal fee so they can keep the guest blogging site list relevant and up to date. Ideally, ask someone with editing experience to proof your work. Does the piece prompt the reader to think or challenge an existing belief? These are all questions that having another set of eyes read your work can help answer.

As a result, I made the decision to cut this section from the post altogether. I purposefully left the outline intact to demonstrate that you shouldn’t be afraid to make editorial decisions like this. Writing headlines for blog posts is as much an art as it is a science, and probably warrants its own post, but for now, all I’d advise is experimenting with what works for your audience. If your readers want hyper-specific case studies on how to do stuff, by all means let ‘em have it.