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Once your final draft is submitted, we will let you know the publishing date. We will send back any overall edits we’d like made. Please note that we may edit the final draft to better fit our site if needed. Must be resized to 1200 pixels on the longest axis. (We would like for the majority of your photos to be HORIZONTAL.) The file size should be no larger than 300KB.

Before submitting your blog post, you should be familiar with the type of content we publish on Bearfoot Theory, our voice, and our writing style. We reserve the right to choose whether certain backlinks will be allowed. We are more than happy to add dofollow backlinks to personal sites and blogs, your social media accounts etc, in order to help raise your profile and increase publicity. Once we have defined the final article topic, please try to get it to us as soon as you can. No rush though as we know writing may take some longer than others or posts may be longer to write than others. Many of us have sought out pinnacles in search of something beyond the mediocrity of the masses that surround us.

Once you submit an article, it is property of AdventureHacks and our editors may make any alterations they deem necessary. Exploring local culture, food and drinks are also of our interest. If you are an outdoors or travel blogger looking for a new site to post you can do it here. If you have an interesting travel/outdoor video we will be happy to publish it. The original and informative travel and outdoor articles are welcome here. We are currently looking for blog submissions, so we can create a resource for all of our members.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Or an image for which the author has explicit permission to use in association with their content. It is a writers job to select the topics they write about. We recommend you inquire prior to submitting your full post.

Don’t hide anything from us or leave us on a cliffhanger – we’re not your readers, we’re your editors. Make sure that all aspects of the article are clear to us. Google around – there are several online resources available for helping you understand pitch-writing.

If it is approved, we’ll let you know if it will be posted on our blog or our website. Content must be broken up into subheads/categories. We do not accept reviews of any kind, as we have staff members do these for us. Please read our writer guidelines carefully to determine if you have that special piece that we are looking for. All published content becomes the property of Roaming Spices. We, therefore, have the right to alter or delete content at our discretion.