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Link a minimum of Board Infinity’s blogs and use internal linking to do so. You can also this link to search for more blogs by Board Infinity. But with a few 5-star reviews under your belt, you’ll gain access to the longer form gigs that have a higher word count – and a higher price tag too. We only ever allow one writer to work on a job at a time. Really very happy to say, your post is very interesting to read. I never stop myself to say something about it.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We always seek talented writers who can craft well-researched articles. We strive for top-notch and high-quality content that covers all relevant and essential information for our readers. Before we move forward, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines.

If possible, share a link to your portfolio or other pieces of sample business writing. Send your article ideas to or choose the topic from the list below. Just write at least 50 headlines before you choose one.

Any guest posts you create should be tailored to the demands of the blogger. It’s a win-win situation when you publish a successful guest blog post. You’re assisting the blogger with their content requirements while gaining access to their platform. Don’t pitch the basic ‘How-to or What-is’ articles. We accept intermediate to advanced level digital marketing guest posts. Education is a high priority for a better society.

You are a person writing for other people. If you use the phrase “when it comes to” in your article, especially more than once, you’re just giving us a reason to not accept your article for publication. Build your site for free and take as long as you need. (That’s right, no trial here.) Just add a site plan for more pages, and a custom domain when you’re ready for the world. Define your own content structure, and design with real data.

A guest post is when an Author creates content for someone else’s blog under their name. Writing guest blogs is a simple approach to obtaining a lot of exposure in a short amount of time. RSS feeds are used by popular blogs, which means that each post is actively distributed to a massive number of individuals. You want to be sure you’re sending the appropriate message with so many eyes on your words. If your guest post has fresh, useful information for freelance writers, we may still be interested in publishing it, but do not pay in this scenario.

Articles of 1500 to 2500 words are always favored. We also advise writers to develop extensive content. The article must be informative, original, and devoid of plagiarism.

We disqualify the post if there are any grammatical or typographical problems, or if the statement is poorly structured. We have complete authority to alter and add links to the article. We also change the headline of the article to make it more SEO and reader-friendly. We do not accept articles that discuss something that is damaging to the readers. We reserve the right to make changes to the title and the content of the post.

This helps to construct a hierarchy by increasing the link value of the most significant posts. Find out the blogger’s target audience and write to them directly. Every successful book addresses its readers’ difficulties, problems, and needs. If we accept your pitch, we will pay you for your writing and reporting. You will be expected to participate in a background check and sign a freelancing agreement to join our roster of writers. As of Feb 2, 2020, we pay $300 to $1000 USD for every accepted completed post (amount at the editor’s discretion).That’s more than you’ll find anywhere.