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Write for Us Zenith Copywriting Guest Post Guidelines

Please get to know us a bit better before sending us your article. Follow us on our social media channels and share our other articles. This will greatly increase your chances of getting published. Develop an outline for a blog post or write a query letter. Most of the websites require pitches or query letters before sending a completed manuscript. For instance, One Story prefers all incarcerated submissions to be sent via paper mail and all others must use their submission form.

Your submission has been received and we will follow-up with you. Make the focus more about the value your post can impart, or simply the story itself. Use subheads, images, lists, blockquotes, and other structural devices frequently to make your story easily skimmable and engaging. We aim to help designers, marketers, and creatives discover insightful articles about design, the modern web, and the no-code movement. A full explanation of our process is provided below.

Guest posting also improves your search engine ranking as you will receive a backlink to your site. Google and the other search engines see this as an endorsement of your site. Experts estimate the SEO benefit to your site is 6 times greater when guest posting compared to writing on your own site. My rich experience and the ability to write engaging content put me in the right position to guest blog on startup.info . I am interested to write about the website development topics. We accept only individual writers, startup companies, Professional Writers, or Freelancers to write for us.

We prefer content from Bloggers, Startup founders, and creators who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base of business, startup, or marketing. Initially, you might think to start with a big and broad content idea, for example, “ How to start a startup with low capital”. But in most cases, content with simplicity and a narrow approach does the best. Because They provide to the point and valuable content that attracts more audiences. Content must encourage people to read more and hunt for more information. By pitching and submitting an article for publishing on the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Asking whether your article is getting published or not. If we have selected your article, you’ll hear from us. To submit your article idea, please fill out the form below. We maintain an active presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All your articles will be shared via these networks for additional exposure. Blog to understand and identify more topics, content layouts, language, and tone that we prefer, further.

Articles may range from 750 to 1000 words and the payment depends upon publication. You can send them an email or contact them through their website. You will have to fill out this google form to reach them.

We will publish all articles which meet the above guidelines but reserve the right to decline articles which we do not feel meet the guidelines. We also reserve the right to adjust articles where necessary to help improve the reader’s experience. I’am Ayaz Iqbal and I want to write a guest post.

Natforce.org is a blog posting community where we publish articles in numerous categories. We, as an organization, believe in and follow a transactional approach toward our writers and team members. Read and follow these guest post guidelines. Seriously, you would not believe how many writers pitch me who have clearly never read this page. We currently pay $75-$150 for guest posts (higher fees are for longer, in-depth pieces written on assignment only).

Include all the relevant milestones and details about your business. You can use a template, such as the one below offered by SlideSalad, or create your own custom presentation. If possible, combine your story with photos. One client of mine owns a construction company. His father before him had owned one as well, and he’d grown up going to construction sites with his dad, learning about the business and meeting with contractors. That story on the About Us page was complemented by an adorable old photo of father and 8-year-old son on a construction site.

Any claims you make must be backed by links to research or case studies. Just steer clear of citing our competitors, and using any irrelevant promotional links to websites. We like relevant, well-researched posts (preferably 1300+ words) with actionable tips. Sign up for The Writing Rundown to get the latest tips on writing content your readers will love. Delivered straight to your inbox every weekend.