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Accepted topics include SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Business, and Social Media Marketing. Since the approval procedure takes a long time, you are requested to be patient with us as we answer in 5-10 business days. Images – use screenshots and photography to help get your point across.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Do proper research before you start writing guest posts for any blog. The more time you spend on researching, the better quality of guest posts you can create. I know the BS “guest posting” game for backlinks, and this is not one of those gigs. I will not accept some useless crap writing with the sole purpose of fitting in your anchor text. I am preferably looking for ongoing paid content writers, but I will accept guest posts if the requirements are met. Rather than writing blog posts off the top of your head, I create a content strategy that ensures you’re reaching your content marketing goals.

Specifically, repurposing and updating your current content, as well as removing your outdated content. You can also make your blogs easier to consume by adding useful images and videos or choosing colors and fonts that are easy on the eyes. One of the most common beginner blog mistakes is assuming that the people who land on your blog will read it thoroughly. Instead, most readers are looking for a quick answer to a question. When they find your post, their goal is to find what they’re looking for.

If you’re just starting to blog, alt text popup prompts could be more useful for you. If you’re used to writing blog posts from your imagination with a free flow of ideas, blog SEO might sound like a challenge. But anyone can create great SEO writing with a strong outline. By focusing on what the reader wants to know and organizing the post to achieve that goal, you’ll be on your way to publishing an article optimized for the search engine. Because blog posts are likely to educate or inform users, they tend to attract more quality backlinks. I know the post should be search engine friendly and at the same time reader friendly.

Who else wants to become a guest blogging rock star? If you’re looking for guest blogging sites where you can post your guest posts for free in 2022, you’re in the right place. In this post, you’ll find a monster list of 350 guest posting sites where you can publish your guest posts without paying a single penny.

You can have your own piece of content or pay our top writers to create it for your blog. High credibility of every site that allows guest posting. Moreover, web developers, designers, graphics designers and mobile app developers are also welcomed to join us and grow together. Please make sure you add a short bio describing you and your experience and your business social media such as your website URL, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. We do not publish articles that use anchor text links to author’s home or product page in the body of the article.